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Fursuits - CLOSED

We will open again around July 2023

for slots available from May 2024


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Props - OPEN

Custom plush and prop commissions are

OPEN on a case-by-case basis

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Hi, I'm Justine, an Australian based artist also known as Kaikirith or Kai. I'm the artist at Eastern Dragon Studios - we make fursuits, props, fursuit accessories, sell care and maintenance items and more!

I dabble in a wide variety of mediums and my interest in arts and crafts is very varied. I love doing a bit of everything.

My specialty is creating costumes and art that bring your character to life!

caspian - AU$3500 (~US$2450)
Species: Rabbit
Reference/Design sheet: Magicdawolfy
Completion date: February 2023

Price includes
-Toony style head, 3D toony eyes, 2 styles of removeable ears

-Modified Kloof-suit pattern hand paws

-Small sized tail with nylon belt loops

-Reference sheet (as seen)

Fullsuit availability: Yes.

AU$7200, +$800 for digigrade padding. Price includes head, handpaws, outdoor feet paws, tail and bodysuit.

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Check out our Trello for updates!

I use Trello to organise my work, keep track of commissions and any projects I am working on - and you can too! Track progress in the queue, see our upcoming projects and what cons we are dealing at!

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