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eD heAD Armature Padding


This means you can use this pattern to pad out your head base (and then use the padded headbase to create commission work).


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1. Cut out all pieces according to the pattern instructions. If you wish to close it with snaps cut an additional 2inch long strip.
2a. Sew the pattern pieces together - the shortest piece is the neck, the C-shaped piece is the shoulders and the large curvy piece covers the chest/back.

2b. If you are closing your padding with snaps, fold your 2 inch strip in half to create the flap for the snaps.Sew your 2 inch strip to one side of the closure.

3. The duplicate neck piece you will use to create a little pocket with the opening on the bottom and to the inside.

4. Attach your closures (hooks or snaps).
5. Shove the neck foam into the little pocket and snap closed the neck part of your padding onto your ED HEAD and flip the shoulder/chest fabric up around the neck.
6. Place your shoulder padding foam onto your ED HEAD, pull down the fabric and snap closed the remaining closures.
7. Adjust foam into place until everything is in place. Fabric and foam will hold into place on its own without glue or tape required.


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