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Illustration Commissions

Below is a list of pricing and examples for the various digital illustration commissions we offer.

Please note these prices are subject to change without warning.

Check out our
COMMISSION OPENINGS for our availability!

There are two options available when commisioning digital illustrations:

Artistic Freedom


- You give me your character/s

- You give me three keywords/ or a theme

- I have artistic freedom, there are no WIPS for changes/approval after the sketch phase

-Reference sheets or clear visual images of your character are required for accuracy

- It's cheaper!


- You give me all the details you would like in you commission (pose, details, theme etc) - you can be very specific on what you are after

- There are multiple WIPS for changes/approval - sketch, ink, colour and detail phases will have WIPs sent for approval.

- Visual OR textual descriptions

- More expensive to compensate for the extra time spent making changes and sending WIPS

For digital art you are required to either a coloured detailed reference sheet to accurately portray your character, OR a detailed textual description of your character. If you have images of your character, but lack a reference sheet, a detailed textual description will need to be supplied with your reference images. This information is required so I can complete your commission to the best of my abilities. If there is any information missing that I require for you commission I will ask for it. If there is missing information that is not provided before the commission is started it may incur additional fees.

If you wish to have different file size/dimensions to your commission, please let me know.

Your character is considered complex if:

-The character has very complicated and precise markings, or lots of scales showing/requiring detail

-Character has large wings (small/chibi wings are not considered complex), or multiple tails

-Complex hybrid characters and anatomy (ie Taur)
-Highly detailed and/or complex clothing

If the character is highly complex (ie taur, with armour, and wings etc), we may charge more than the listed complexity charge due to the increased complexity level.

Commission options

Digital Paintings
Digital paintings with textural detail and painted accents

Flat colour sketches from AU$100 (~US$65)


Bust $100 (~US$65)

(Shoulders up)

Per character


Einthulu DIPLSAY.png

3/4 body $175 (~US$115)

(Thigh up)

Per character


Magical girl boys DISPLAY.png

 Full body $250 (~US$160)

Per character


Flat colour sketches with a texture background included.
Typically sized 300dpi A4

Background details, complex characters, outfits, props etc. will incur additional costs.

Full detail illustration from AU$200 (~US$130)

Levi icon iPhone version DISPLAY.png
Booty Bay Rum DISPLAY.png
Dragons Blood DISPLAY.png

Portrait/Icon $200 (~US$130)

(Shoulders up)

Per character

3/4 body $350 (~US$230)

(Thighs up)

Per Character


Full body $500 (~US$325)

Per character

Full detail illustration with background level of choice.

Typically sized 300dpi A4


Complex characters, outfits, props etc. will incur additional costs.

Plain textured background included

Full detail background charged AU$65 per hour.

Basic background (~1h)
Basic elements like grass, rocks, distant trees or clouds)

Medium background (~2-3h)

Specific detailed elements like trees, statues, etc.)

Large background (4+h)
A full scenic background

City and building backgrounds

Brilliant blueberry DISPLAY.png
Beach Breeze DISPLAY.png
City Battle DIPSLAY.png

Reference Sheets

All reference sheets are “Specific” commissions and are typically sized 300dpi A4, unless otherwise specified.


Reference sheets are available in flat colours only, no shading. Anthropomorphic or feral references are available, with or without clothes. All references are drawn are drawn fresh, no bases are used. I put a lot of effort into drawing your reference sheet to make it as accurate as possible, and will do my best to get your character looking as you want it to be.

Reference Sheets

$225+ per full body view (unique pose)

$100+ per headshot (typical character expressions)
+$100 if its a new character design

Basic Sheet $400+

Mirrored full front and back views

Includes swatches and textual details

Standard Sheet $600+

Mirrored full front and back views

Two headshots or accessory close up

Includes swatches and textual details

Deluxe Sheet $775+

Mirrored full front and back views, plus side view

Two headshots or accessory close ups

Includes swatches and textual details

Textural background included, custom backgrounds are extra


In addition to our standard TOS - these are our Illustration specific Terms of Service

  • Illustration refund schedule - 60% refund if work has not begun, no refunds after the sketch phase.

  • No more than 1 full sketch revision (or equivalent small alterations) for a SPECIFIC illustration commission will be provided under the quoted cost of drawing commission. Additional changes and revisions will incur additional charges.

  • Only small alterations will be accepted for ARTISTIC FREEDOM illustration commissions. Additional changes and revisions will incur additional charges.
    Highly visible watermarks will be on all WIPs of illustrations until payment is completed, sketches will always have highly visible watermarks regardless of payment status.

  • I retain all rights to any work, including the making of prints, merchandise or duplicates.

  • I retain right to recycle sketches and preparatory works that were rejected by you for other commissions, sales or personal works.

  • You may not use any of our preparatory works or sketches to be completed by yourself or other artists without our permission.

  • You may not upload any of my illustrations in high resolution or without watermarks (you are provided with a small watermarked version for the purpose of sharing online).

  • Regardless of personal or commercial use, work cannot be altered, traced, cropped or used as otherwise detailed here without permission - including the removal or editing out of watermarks (with the exception cropping for use of small resolution avatars for websites)

  • Permission is required from me if you wish to print images of your commission on to anything other than paper or canvas, or to have it recreated by another artist in another medium.

Additions to standard TOS for NSFW items

  • You must be 18+ for NSFW, and proof of age may be requested. We reserve the right to cancel your commission if you refuse to provide Proof of Age.

  • NSFW art is 1.5x the final character cost (excludes background cost)

  • NSFW will only be accepted at artist digression.

  • WILL ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING - Artistic nude, pin-up, seductive poses, any gender or body shape, sexual scenes and content, SFW feral forms

  • WILL NOT ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING - high gore content, vomit or scat, sexualised baby furs, hateful images or symbols, feral x feral or feral x anthro content.

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