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Hoodie and Kigu Templates

This template also has generic canine and feline ear and face options!


This means you can use this template to design your dream fursona hoodie or kigu - even if you wish to use it to commission another maker. All we ask is that you do not remove/hide or alter the logo or our information, and please credit us!

The downloadable template is a PSD file with multiple layers so you can easily customise your design! Currently only available in basic doge and kitty options, we are planning on working on a paid template with multiple options and species!


If you are a maker and wish to use this template for paid work, please contact us!

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Kigu TEMPLATE - Plain.png
Kigu TEMPLATE - Kitty.png
Kigu TEMPLATE - doge.png
Hoodie TEMPLATE plain.png
Hoodie TEMPLATE cat basic.png
Hoodie TEMPLATE doge basic.png
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