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Hi I'm Kaikirith! I'm the artist behind Eastern Dragon Studios, based in Melbourne.


I make a large portion of my income from Dealer Dens so I am always grateful whenever I am offered a position in the den!

I'm neurodivergent and queer and I love the opportunities my art has created for me to be able to work from home full time successfully.

Double table space set up

(single table in use, second table space replaced with stands)

FurDU 2023

photo_2023-05-11_17-04-29 (3).jpg
photo_2023-05-11_17-04-29 (3) 2.jpg

Single table space set up

(with side stand for tails in use)


MFC 2023


Aurawra 2023


Work Folio

My big sellers are fursuit care products such as balaclavas, fursuit spray and brushes. I also sell belts for wearing tails. I specialise in making fursuits parts and fursuit props. I usually try to have one premade partial for each convention (time permitting pending convention spacing and my commission queue. Primarily I make premade tails and a wide variety of unique fursuit props featuring a combination of embroidered and sublimation printed details. 

soy 1.png
pride b2.png
phone 3.png
croc 3.png
ice dragon 1.png
icecream 4 - Copy.png
Leopard 2.png
Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 13-32-19 5.55AU $ 5% OFF New Colorful Woven Belts With Flip Canva
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