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My Thanks


I'd just like to dedicate a page to all the people that have made Eastern Dragon Studios possible, and those that continue to support me.


First off to our Patreon supporters that enable us to do lots of research and development so we can refine our techniques and learn new things!  We try to offer a whole bunch of rewards for those that support us on Patreon! Exclusive access to WIPS, early commission access, early access to our new products and pre-made items and a whole lot more!!!


~Patreon Sponsors~


Nero Wolf



To my family, who have always supported me in whatever endeavours I have chosen. Thanks to my Mum - Who has always encouraged me with my art (and everything else!), and who bought me my first sewing machine.

Special mention to my friend Nyra at Nyra's Illustrations for their support and encouragement, as well as all the help and advice they have been able to give me. They've really helped me develop my skills and techniques with my illustrations

A big thank you to the photographers who have given me permission to use their images

Open Thought Photography


Corrupted Coyote
Times Coyote

Special thanks to
 Chomp Studios for designing various logos and backgrounds for me.

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