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Hoodie and Kigu Care

We don't want no musky huskies!

Our apparel is 100% machine washable and we highly recommend you regularly wash your hoodie or kigu to keep it clean and looking awesome!

We have compiled a handy guide for keeping your apparel looking its best! If you are unsure about any of these methods for your fursuit, contact your maker!

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What do you need?

- Non-bleach laundry detergent suitable for woolens and delicates. (We use Softly for delicates, which we also use for washing our fursuits!)

- StainGo for stains

- Brush (if you have fur accents) - slicker brush is acceptable in a pinch, but something with soft bristles is highly recommended!

- Lint brush

Note: Don't use any heat while washing or drying your apparel - it might cause shrinking or even damage your custom wearable art!

Machine washing your apparel

  1. Make sure your hoodie or kigu is zipped/buttoned up, inside out and the hood tucked into the body. For beanies we suggest a lingerie bag or pillowcase. This helps protect the delicate details such as embroidery.

  2. Machine wash on a gentle setting with cold water using a non-bleach laundry detergent suitable for woolens and delicates. Avoid washing with items that have any hard parts or abrasive fabrics. Generally the best option is to wash it by itself

  3. Avoid using heat to dry your apparel. You can use a dryer if it has a 'cool' or 'air dry' setting. Otherwise hanging it on a clothes airer, supporting all parts. Merely hanging heavy, wet kigu or hoodie over a single line or on a hanger may make it stretch or distort the shape.

  4. Once dry, you're good to go! No ironing needed!


Hand washing your apparel

  1. Fill your tub or bath with lukewarm water (do not use hot water) and some non-bleach laundry detergent suitable for woolens and delicates according to the bottles instructions.

  2. Place you apparel piece into the water and squish it around, working the suds into the fabric. Try to avoid excessive scrubbing or rubbing of fabric and be gentle with any embroidered or appliqued parts, and any fur accents.
  3. Let it soak for a while (at least half an hour)

  4. If this is the first time you are washing your apparel make sure any machine embroidered parts are submerged. We use a water soluble stabiliser in the embroidery process and soaking helps remove any remnants.

  5. Empty out the water and start rinsing your apparel with fresh, clean water. Squish it through the fabric and keep rinsing until there is no detergent left in the fabric. Try not to wring the fabric as you don't want to stretch or deform it! Water should run clear and soap free when you're done!

  6. Squish out as much water as you can. We suggest rolling your apparel in a towel and squashing it - it can help get the water out. Once again, try not to wring the fabric.

  7. Avoid using heat to dry your apparel. You can use a dryer if it has a 'cool' or 'air dry' setting. Otherwise hanging it on a clothes airer, supporting all parts. Just hanging heavy, wet kigu or hoodie over a single line or on a hanger may make it stretch or distort the shape.

  8. Once dry, you're good to go! No ironing needed!


Storing your apparel

You can use a wide variety of items to store your fursona apparel. This can be a travel case, duffel bag, plastic container. Try not to fold or compress any foam parts, as they may become deformed if stored bent or depressed for long periods of time. Also do not tightly pack/fold your apparel - this will increase the likelihood of your fur getting crinkled. Wherever you store your apparel, make sure it is stored in a cool dry place - you don't want mold growing in your apparel because once it is there, it is almost impossible to remove and is quite hazardous to your health. If you are storing for an extended period we suggest throwing in some desiccant packets to keep moisture away.

Sometimes fur can become crimped if stored for long periods of time, even if folded loosely or stored appropriately. You can reverse this by using a hairdryer on a low heat setting and carefully going over the area until it lies straight. Brushing it may also aid the process. Do not use a high heat - you may irreversibly damage the fur fibers.

Don't forget to wash your whatever it is you store your apparel in! Duffle bag, tote, box, whatever! Keep it clean. Also clean out your storage/travel item every couple of months by washing it out, disinfecting, and making sure it is 100% dry before putting items back in. Things can get dirty quick with dirt from the feet and sweat from the suit itself. If it's not clean, and you put your apparel in there, it won't be clean anymore either! So always keep this in mind.


Preventative Care

There are simple steps you can take to make your fursona apparel last longer, look better and make it easier to keep it looking it's best! Most of this is common sense, but it's worth keeping in mind!

Caring for fur accents

A little extra care is needed if your apparel has faux fur accents or parts. Use a brush to keep the fur neat,mat-free and looking its best! Try to avoid brushing the fleece. When storing, try to avoid folding the fur if possible as it may become crimped if stored folded for long periods of time. However if it does become crimped, use a hairdryer on a low heat setting and go over the area until the fur lies straight again.

Fleece pilling

We mainly use high quality anti-pill fleece, but even anti-pill fleece will eventually begin to pill. To help decrease pilling and increase the longevity of your apparel - try to avoid rubbing your fleece as much as possible, especially while washing.

If the fleece does begin to pill, try brushing it with a velvety fabric lint brush. Try to avoid fabric shavers as these actually just remove material from the fabric until its threadbare. The lint brush will help gently comb your fleece so its straight and fluffy again.

Stay away from dirty areas and puddles. Avoid food and drink while suiting as they can stain your fursona apparel - the exception to this is water.  Simple things like that means there's less to clean later!

Don't be too rough in your fursona apparel! The maker is not responsible for damages made by you while you wear it. Even a well made piece of clothing will get popped seams if you over do it enough.

Don't leave your fursona apparel out in the sun or in a hot car. You can bleach the colour out of the fabrics, damage the fabric fibers or deform parts if the temperatures get hot enough!


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