Apparel Commissions


Below is a list of base prices (AUD) for the various apparel we offer.

Pricing is determined by the average cost of materials used and the average amount of time taken to create.


Please note these prices are subject to change without warning.

Commission options


Animal Hoodies from AU$300 (~US$220)

photo_2020-05-13_15-34-10 4.png

Standard Features:

- Made of quality polar fleece and faux fur

- Overlocked seams

- Pockets

- Oversized hood


- Embroidered face from AU$200

- Wings from +AU$150

- Attached tail with belt loops from AU$50

Animal Beanies from AU$75 (~US$55)

fursona clothing 2a.png

Standard Features:

- Made from quality polar fleece, fur accents optional

Monster Beanies from AU$100 (~US$75)


Standard Features:

- Faux fur with fleece or minky lining.
- The short monster beanie only comes to the shoulder
- The basic monster beanie is about waist/hip length, and features paw pad appliqued pockets



Short monster beanie (only covers the head, no pockets) from AU$120

Long Monster Beanie from AU$225

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