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*Please note we are trying to sell through some of our older labels that may not feature the current art

Remove odours and reduce bacteria with Eastern Dragon Studios' Fursuit Sprays, with over 30 different scents for you to choose from. We even offer a non-scented spray for those who wish to still remove odour and bacteria, but dont want a scent on their suit. One 125ml bottle will see you through multiple uses - even on a fullsuit!


Please note Refills are Online Exclusives only!


Alien Apple

"Alien Apple" smells just like a barrel of fresh apples. Crisp, sweet and fresh.


Banana Bliss


It smells just like banana candies, super sweet and oh-so-good - its Banana Bliss!

Blackberry Bling
Get your glam on with Blackberry Bling! You'll smell blackberry fresh!

Brilliant Blueberry
Hello furries, look at your fursuit, now back to me, now back at your fursuit, now back to me. Sadly it isn’t me, but if you switched to Brilliant Blueberries, it could smell like it’s me.


Cherry Bomb

CH-CH-CH-CH-Cherry Bomb! This explosive fragrance packs a punch!


Cool Coconut

A delightfully clean smelling aroma, with a nutty sweet note and vanilla tones that reminds you of the beach! Perfect for summer!


Keen Kiwi

This single straight note of kiwi is deliciously fruity

Lively Lemon

Mango Magic
The perfect summer fragrance - Mango Magic smells just like a freshly cut mango!

Opulent Orange
An abundance of citrus like scent to remind you of freshly-squeezed oranges, with hints of tart and tanginess.

Passionfruit Pop
The refreshingly sweet and tropical scent of passionfruit reminds you of summery cocktails on a warm afternoon. Simply irresistible!

Peach Paradise
Time to go on holiday with this lovely scent of sun-kissed and juicy peaches.
Fall into its dark mossy richness, next best to the real thing.


Perfect Pineapple


Radical Raspberry
Tangy, juicy and tart - this fragrance smells just like delicious fresh raspberries!

Raspberry & Vanilla
An enticing blend of berries, creamy vanilla and luscious musk.

Sweet Strawberry
A romantic blend of fresh strawberries.

Wild Watermelon
Watch out or out wacky watermelon spray might just leap-out-at-you with its smell and delicious scent that’ll remind you of sweet watermelon! It’s a perfect alternative for those who have smelled one too many musky fragrances.

Fursuit Spray - Fruity