Terms of Service


General terms of service are applicable to all forms of commissions and sales made by Justine Baker, Kaikirith and Eastern Dragon Studios. These are subject to revision and addition at any time without notice. By commencing payment you agree you have read and understood these terms.

General Commission Guidelines


- You must be 13+ to commission me, if you are under 18 I will require your guardian to be involved in the commission/payment process.


- You must be 16+ to commission a fursuit head, and 18+ to commission a bodysuit. Fursuits are expensive and you body changes quickly as an adolescent, so its better to wait and save up and get more wear out of your fursuit later. I will happily make paws, tails and ears for you if you are under 18 years old.

- I reserve the right to ask for ID/proof of age for any fursuit commissions, and for NSFW illustrations.
Refusal to show proof of age will see your commission declined. Minors lying about their age will forfeit their money and commission and will be blacklisted from future commissions.

Payment Terms

Payments and deposits

  • Payment is to be made in Australian Dollars (AUD$), preferably via Paypal or cash (if local). Credit card payments can also be via Square app in person.

  • Quotes are only valid for 14 days, after this time a new quote will be required.

  • A non-refundable deposit is due within 14 days to secure a slot and is required before any material is sought. Upon receiving your deposit, your commission will be added to my upcoming projects list on my Trello.

  • Sales under $200 require full payment up front. Sales over $200 have a minimum non-refundable deposit of 30% of the quoted cost.

  • 50% of the quoted cost of the commission is non-refundable

  • Payment plans can be arranged - please notify me of this when I'm writing up your quote.

  • Commission needs to be paid off within 6 months (or as discussed) - or a new quote will be written up

  • Failure to pay payment plans on time may see your commission delayed (significant delays may require a new quote to be written up), or even cancelled and refunded.

  • We can accept longer payment plans, however the maximum length for a payment plan we will accept is 12 months long, with a minimum payment AU$200 per month.

  • Upon receiving full payment your commission will be added to my commission queue, and you will get an estimated completion date.

  • If you require a project to be completed by a deadline, you are required to make full payment up front. We do not hold slots without full payment.

  • Full payment is required before the commission or sale is completed and received.

  • We do not hold premade items without a non-refundable deposit or down payment.

  • Monthly payments are due on the 1st of each month.


Deadlined commissions

  • Rush or deadlined commissions need to be notified up front during the application process or your commission will be scheduled in our queue as per normal. Our normal turn over is 6-12 months from completion of payment.

  • Our deadline fee will be 25-100+% depending upon the timeframe a project is required. Depending on our current queue, or complexity of the commission these fees may change.
    Large project minimum rush fees (partial or fullsuits, bodysuits, multiple fursuit parts, large illustrations):
    -6-9 months 10% (Your commission cost times 1.1 is your final quote)
    - 5-6 months 25% (Your commission cost times 1.25 is your final quote)
    - 4 months 50% (Your commission cost times 1.5 is your final quote)
    - 3 months 75% (Your commission cost times 1.75 is your final quote)
    - 2 month 100% (Your commission cost times 2 is your final quote)
    Small project minimum rush fees (tail only, smaller illustrations like icons or a 3/4 body)
    - 2 months 25% (Your commission cost times 1.25 is your final quote)
    - 1.5 months 50% (Your commission cost times 1.5 is your final quote)
    - 1 month 75% (all materials must be in stock; your commission cost times 1.75 is your final quote)
    - 2 weeks 100% (all materials must be in stock; your commission cost times 2 is your final quote)

  • You are required to pay the full quote, plus the rush fee, in full up front for a deadlined commission.

  • Payment plans are not available for deadlined commissions.

  • We only accept a rush fee if the request is within a conceivably doable time frame. We do not delay other peoples commissions for deadlines. To take on a deadline we usually drop our extra work like some con prep or a premade or do a little extra work on weekends.

  • Your rush fee will be refunded if we are unable to meet a deadline due to illness, accident or other unforeseeable causes.

Refunds and Cancellations

  • Full refunds (including deposit, but excluding any transaction fees) on commissions are only available if the commission is unable to be completed within a reasonable time frame due to unforeseen circumstances (ie illness or injury). I will keep the commission to alter as I see fit to make it saleable (at no charge to you).

  • 50% of the quoted cost of the commission is non-refundable if you change you mind after payment.

  • No refunds on commissions once work has begun.

  • If you change your mind on a commission, or fail to make payments within an agreed upon period, I retain the right to retain, modify and/or sell the product. A complete refund (excluding deposit) may not be available if significant work is required to alter the commission.

  • 2 consecutive missed payments, or 3 missed payments during a payment plan will be considered a cancellation and will be refunded as per "customer change of mind" above.

  • If an illustration commission is cancelled after sketching, I retain the right to use the work as I see fit (Ie YCH).

  • If you make a deposit on a pre-made item, a refund can be made available (minus any transaction fees). However without an acceptable reason for requiring a refund, you may be refused commissions and sales in the future.

  • I reserve the right to cancel and refund a commission or sale due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behaviour, or inability to communicate effectively. Depending on the stage of completion and type of commission a partial or full refund will be made.


Changes to your commission

  • I am willing to make an acceptable number of changes to a commission, and will accept reasonable change requests and happily fix up any mistakes I make. Please ask for any major changes (including mistakes I make) to a commission ASAP. The longer you leave it, the more likely you will be liable for any extra costs incurred.

  • Changes significantly different to the original request, or requesting additional features and details once work has begun may incur additional charges.

  • No more than 1 full sketch revisions (or equivalent small alterations) will be provided under the quoted cost of drawing commission. Additional changes and revisions will incur additional charges.

  • You will be charged an extra AU$40 if you DTD arrives and the seams are not joined - due to the unanticipated additional work.


  • Unless requested quotes do not include the price of shipping.

  • You, the client, are responsible for the consideration and payment of any postal insurance (if chosen), express post or any other postal options. You will be charged appropriate shipping and handling costs.

  • Shipping and handling costs are to be paid before any products are shipped out.

  • The transport of any product is no longer my responsibility once it leaves my possession. Due care and consideration to appropriately package any product will be taken.

  • No liability will be taken if the product gets lost, damaged or delayed in the post.

  • Con pick ups will be charged based on the size of the object. A digitigrade fullsuit with a medium tail will cost $70 for con pick up. Local con pick ups are half price.


Works in Progress (hereby known as WIPs)

  • Images of WIPs will typically be messaged to you privately, to ensure you are kept up to date.

  • I retain the right to post WIPS publicly and on my Patreon. If you wish your commission to be kept private until you can debut it – please notify me in advance. Additional fees may occur due to loss of Patreon content if you wish for no WIPS to be posted.

  • Highly visible watermarks will be on all WIPs of illustrations until payment is completed, sketches will always have highly visible watermarks regardless of payment status.



Repairs, warranty and alterations

  • Repair warranty is provided for 6 months on all crafts obtained from myself and are offered free of charge where the product does not stand up to use anticipated by myself (ie seam coming undone).

  • Please contact me with photos and description of damage or situation as soon as possible so as to determine if it is covered by the warranty.

  • Warranty does not extend to cover any damage or loss of product in the post (see Shipping above).

  • Any shipping costs for repairs are covered by the client.

  • Anything sent in for repairs must be clean and odour free. If I receive anything for repairs that is found to be dirty, you will be charged an appropriate cleaning fee, or have it sent back un-repaired.

  • Please notify me before sending anything to me for repairs (inside or outside of warranty).

  • Repairs can also be made by the customer, or another person. Please contact me if you wish to make repairs this way.

  • Any alteration made without permission will void your warranty (if there is one), and may result in blacklisting you from my business.

  • It is recommended that if you wish to have alterations made that you either contact me during the construction of your commission, or before a product is sent out.


Artist and Client rights of use of commission and sales

My rights of use as the artist

  • I retain copyright of any product I create.

  • I reserve the right to use any images of works both during and after construction as I see fit (ie advertisement purposes, in my gallery or social media as examples of my work)

  • I retain all rights to any work, including the making of prints, merchandise or duplicates.

  • I retain right to recycle sketches and preparatory works that were rejected by you for other commissions, sales or personal works.

  • If you wish for WIPs to be kept private, finished work not to be posted on social meda or my gallery as an example of my work additional fees may occur.

Your rights of use as the client (Private and commercial)

  • Please credit me as the artist if you post it online - this can be done by tagging or linking my user page on the website (if i have one, social media pages in the social links in the footer) or by linking my website www.easterndragonstudios.com

  • Unless otherwise specified during the quoting process, the work I do for a client is considered for personal use only. This means any work you receive from me cannot be used directly or indirectly for monetary gain, and may not be used in any way shape or form in relation to business or commercial use.

  • You may not make prints, copies, replications or duplicates of any completed or WIP images for resale, or profit from the commission or sale when resold unless you pay a commercial fee.

  • You may not use any of our preparatory works or sketches to be completed by yourself or other artists without our permission.

  • You may not upload any of my illustrations in high resolution or without watermarks (you are provided with a small watermarked version for the purpose of sharing online).

  • Regardless of personal or commercial use, work cannot be altered, traced, cropped or used as otherwise detailed here without permission - including the removal or editing out of watermarks (with the exception cropping for use of small resolution avatars for websites)

  • Permission is required from me if you wish to print images of your commission on to anything other than paper or canvas, or to have it recreated by another artist in another medium.

  • If you wish to use something for commercial use, you must notify me up front. Such use may incur significant additional fees so as to buy rights to do so. If you pay for the rights to use work for commercial use, you will have rights to use the work as you wish for business, commercial and/or monetary gain. As per with personal use, watermarks can only be removed by me and work cannot be altered, traced, cropped or used as otherwise detailed here without permission.

Collection of information

Privacy Policy

  • When you employ my services or purchase something from my store - your data (such as name, contact details, shipping address), is kept securely on our computer systems that are all password protected and for private use only

  • We collect your details purely for the purposes of contacting you regarding your commission or your purchase. These details are collected when you:
    - Sign up to our email subscription service
    - Make a purchase via our webshop
    - Contact us regarding a potential project
    - Employ our services

  • Your details will not be shared, sold, or traded to any third parties. The only time your personal details may be shared with third parties is if it is:
    - Requested by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for the purpose of verifying payment records and income data associated with this business (Eastern Dragon Studios).
    - When required to by postage services for the purpose of posting packages or merchandise to you.
    - On our public Trello for the purpose of tracking projects. We only add a contact name and your project details on your project card, as well as the status of the project (quote, deposit paid, fully paid, project started, project completed, project on hold). If you wish to keep either your name or project private - please let us know upon employing our services. We never post personal contact details on to our public Trello.
    - If we are working on your project with a third party (ie collaborative pieces), your contact details may be shared with the other artist/s for the purpose of contacting you for feedback, or to send the final product.

  • Our subscription service is currently operated via MailChimp. You are only signed up to our subscription service if you opt to join via our website. We do not automatically add you if you engage our services or purchase products from us. We only post the occasional email regarding sales, commission openings or general updates.


  • Discounts are given at our discretion

  • Discounts apply to our webshop and merch, they do not apply to our commissions or premade fursuits unless otherwise stated.

Liability Disclaimer


I am in no way responsible for any injury or harm incurred if you choose to use or play with any product you receive from me. Please exercise common sense.

I am not responsible for any ill-fitting costumes, accessories or anything that is incorrectly sized resulting from inaccurate measurements, recommendations or incorrectly constructed DTDs provided by you, the customer.

I live in a house with four dogs, so our products may have allergens that can trigger asthma and/or allergies in some people.

Additions to standard TOS for NSFW illustrations

NSFW accepted under the following TOS in addition to our regular TOS:

  • You must be 18+ for NSFW

  • NSFW will only be accepted at artist digression.

  • WILL ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING - Artistic nude, pin-up, seductive poses, any gender or body shape, sexual scenes and content

  • WILL NOT ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING - high gore content, vomit or scat, sexualised baby furs, hateful images or symbols.

  • NSFW commissions have a 20% fee on the base price.