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Please check our commission openings HERE for available slots if you wish to grab a commission slot!

To make this as quick and easy as possible for both parties, please review my prices and my TOS, and then answer these questions in your email - that way I can give you an accurate and quick quote!!!


- What sort commission are you after?

Are you after an "as you want it" high detail illustration, an "artistic license" partial fursuit, or something else?

-What details and references can you provide?

Provide your references - be they images of your character, images of what you're thinking of commissioning, images of the kind of theme you are thinking of, even examples from my own website of something you want to commission for yourself.

​If there is more detail to add, or something you want to clarify, please put it in text as well. ie if you are commissioning a fursuit, please clarify if you want upgrades (ie claws or silicone paw pads) - otherwise you will be quoted standard offers.

-Do you need a payment plan?
Some commissions are quite an expense (ie fursuits) - we can arrange a payment schedule that suits both parties.


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