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Eye making kit for your fursuit making needs!

2D kit contains:
~18cmx21cm (~7"x8") flexible plastic

Eye mesh for 2 pairs of eyes

3D following eye kit contains:
~18cmx42cm (~7"x16") flexible plastic

Eye mesh for 2 pairs of eyes

Plastic is soft enough to cut with a safety knife or a pair of sharp scissors, simply cut to the desired eye shape. It is recommended to make a paper test shape of your eye before cutting your plastic. Here at EDs we paint our eye mesh with acrylics, and we recommend sealing your paint work to prevent moisture damage or paint bleeding. Add stiff felt to the backs of your eyes, and they are ready to install on to your fursuit head!

To make 3D following eyes cut 2 2cm strips of plastic on the long edge of your eye kit (with straight and even edges!). Follow the above steps, including adding felt to the backs of your eyes so the eye edge has extra to glue to. Glue your 2cm strips to the outside of your eyes, you can fold the plastic carefully a corners. Be careful not to get any glue on the inside of your eyes. (Tutorial coming soon!)

There is enough plastic and mesh to make 2 pairs of regular sized eyes or 1 pair of large eyes.

The plastic for the eyes is an opaque white and you can choose from black or white mesh for the iris/pupil.

Our balaclavas can be used to build heads on (in fact it's what we do here!)
Check them out here:

Eye Making Kit

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