Remove odours and reduce bacteria with Eastern Dragon Studios' unique Fursuit Spray Line the “Scent Dragon Series” which has a variety of 20+ different scents for you to choose from.  We even offer a non-scented spray for those who wish to still have an isopropyl alcohol based fursuit spray, which will remove odour and bacteria, but won’t leave an after smell/scent on their suit. One 125ml bottle will see you through multiple uses - even on a fullsuit!


Beautiful Bergamot

This crisp, clean and juicy citrus fragrance with subtle floral notes is uplifting and bright!


Calming Chamomile

Cedarwood Charm

Earthy Eucalyptus

Fragrant Fires
Gentle Ginger

Honeyed Heart

Maple Syrup Marvel

Nutty Nutmeg

Opium Poppy

Pina Colada
Rosemary Revival 

Teakwood Twist


Fursuit Spray - Clearance

AU$10.00 Regular Price
AU$8.00Sale Price
  • Domestic shipping within Australia only

    Unfortunately due to Isopropyl Alcohols flammable nature we can't offer this product to international customers

  • To get the best results each time make sure to shake very well and thoroughly before any use, to make sure that all the contents are well mixed.


    Spray lightly on the inside of your fursuit and fursuit parts and allow to air dry fully before wearing or storing.


    On resin fursuit heads, and fursuits with airbrushing or inked areas, you can dip a cloth into the mixture and wipe the inside of your suit to apply.

    Remember to be careful around suit eyes and any airbrushing on your items, as the alcohol can cause the paint/colour to run. If in doubt, don't apply directly to painted/airbrushed sections.

    This product has been tested on foam, fur and fleece, so it should be fine to use on most suits!


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