Care for your Apparel

For apparel made out of fleece follow the instructions below, for apparel with large amounts of fur (such as the Monster Beanie) follow instructions for cleaning a fursuit that can be immersed in water.



 - Use detergent suitable for fleece, powdered if possible.

 - Hoodies and beanies can be hand washed or cold machine washed. Simply turn inside out. For the hoodies, have the tail inside the hoodie and zip the hoodie up.

 - Wash using cold water only.

 - Do not wring out excess water, instead you can roll in a towel and squeeze out excess water.

Do not place in dryer. Air dry only – laid out on clothes airer or clothes horse. Avoid hanging while wet, as the weight can pull the fabric.
- For paw slippers - these can safely be hand washed or cold machine washed. For drying, for the most part they can be air dried - however to speed up the process use a hair dryer on a low and cold setting and put the hair dryer inside the slipper for a few minutes (under constant observation for safety) - the inside should be dry to touch. Allow the rest to air dry.