Guidelines for commissions

Below are some guidelines when getting a commission through Eastern Dragon Studios.
Please read this and my Terms of Service before commissioning me.
By commissioning me, you agree to all terms and conditions as detailed on this website.

General Commission Guidelines


- You must be 13+ to commission me, if you are under 18 I will require your guardian to be involved in the commission/payment process.


- You must be 16+ to commission a fursuit head, and 18+ to commission a bodysuit. Fursuits are expensive and you body changes quickly as an adolescent, so its better to wait and save up and get more wear out of your fursuit later. I will happily make paws, tails and ears for you if you are under 18 years old.

- I do not make any adult or fetish items - products used in this manner will void any warranty offered.


- If you can not afford the deposit for a commission up front I'm happy for you to pay the deposit in smaller installments. However your commission will not be started until the deposit is completely paid.

Fursuit Commissions

Requirements for Fursuit Commissions


Do I need a Reference Sheet?


If I am creating a specific suit (ie a fursona), I require coloured, detailed reference sheets to accurately recreate your character in a fursuit. Essentially your reference sheet needs to show accurate proportions and details of your character as you wish to have them on your fursuit. I will rarely accept reference sheets that are solely and extremely stylistic in proportions (ie chibi style).


Reference sheets are required to have at least two facings - front and back. I do offer reference sheets in my drawing commissions if a reference sheet can't be provided. Without a reference sheet I can't provide an accurate quote for your fursuit, or may not be able to accurately make your fursuit.

If I'm simply crafting you some hand paws, feet paws or a tail, a reference sheet is not necessary, however a description of what you would like will be needed (ie colour, patterns).


​This information is required so I can complete your commission to the best of my abilities. If there is any information missing that I require for your commission I will ask for it.


Please note there may be small changes made to your design (such as slightly moving a marking or changing its shape), so as to make the design work as a costume.

Markings that include stripes, spots or other such markings - will cost the same, regardless of whether its just two alternating colours involved or a rainbow of colours. This is because even though there might only just be two colours, there is still the same amount of work involved in sewing it together as if it were 3, 4, 5+ colours.


Fursuit Heads


A reference is generally required for a suit head, to ensure that we are both on the same page as to what the final product is to look like. It also allows me to accurately quote you the cost. I can offer some simple bust sketches if appropriate reference images are not available.

To make your head fit, I simply need the circumference of your head - measured around your head where your glasses would sit if you were wearing any.

My fursuits come with moving jaws, however I can't guarantee they will work effectively on your head. The effectiveness of a moving jaw is determined by facial features such as chin and jaw shape. However the head is built sturdily enough, that the jaw will not just flop around if it is not a perfect fit.

Feet Paws


If commissioning feet paws, the customer pair of new, fitted, canvas shoes with elastic laces. These are available quite cheap from places such as K-mart. This ensures that the final product will fit your feet and will be comfortable to wear.



I will need you to supply a Duct Tape Dummy. A DTD basically a duplicate of you that I can use to create a pattern for your bodysuit.

DTD tutorial to follow:

You can purchase all the materials you need to make this at Bunnings:
- Cloth tape/gorilla tape (do not use the PVC tape as it warps and stretches)
-Painter suit

Do not attempt to make this by yourself!

I will refuse your DTD if it is dirty or smelly - it will go straight to the bin and I will ask for another one.

DTD must reach your ankles, wrists and cover your neck, use gladwrap or garbage bags so the tape is not on your skin.

Your DTD is used to determine the size/shape of the bodysuit - so please make sure you stand in the correct position with your legs straight (but not rigid), and your arms up at shoulder  height, and that the you are taped completely to your wrists and to your ankles. If the fursuit ends up too short in the arms or legs, it is because you didn't tape all the way to your ankles and wrists.


Once you are all cut out of the DTD, be sure to do these things:

- line up all the notches and tape the dummy back together (you will be charged an extra AU$40 if you DTD arrives and the seems need taping)

- Write your name & character name
- Fold up your DTD and post it off!!

Drawing Commissions

Requirements for Drawing Commissions

I require a detailed description of your character and the addition of reference sheets/detailed images are preferred. If you have images relevant to what you are after, these are also welcome (images from google are acceptable). ​This information is required so I can complete your commission to the best of my abilities. If there is any information missing that I require for your commission I will ask for it.


I'm generally happy to draw most things, from humans, animals and anthropomorphic creatures in between. However I draw the line at drawing pornography, extreme gore and fetishes.

Once you receive your completed commission you are free to use it as you wish for your personal use. You are free to post it to your own website, however you must use the watermarked image and would appreciate it if you link this website (, or one of my other relevant websites).

Personal use excludes any use that results in monetary gain - whether directly (e.g. selling copies) or indirectly (e.g. advertising).

Reference Sheets

Requirements for Reference Sheet Commissions

To create your reference sheet as accurately as possible, I require detailed descriptions of your character, their markings and other relevant details. If you have images relevant to what you have in mind (ie google images are acceptable), they're also welcome. If you can provide any and all information you can think of regarding your characters, the more accurately I can portray your character in your reference sheet.

Plush Toys
and Apparel

Requirements for Plush Toys and Apparel

Apparel such as the hoodies only require basic body measurements include bust, waist and/or hips. All measurements are best done using a measuring tape, rulers or your clothing size will not give an accurate measurement.


To order a plush toy or clothing simply contact me with your size and prefered colour options, and I will let you know when it is likely to be completed.


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